Psychometric Testing

Clinical psychologist Jessica Taylor offers psychometric testing for children aged 6-16 years. Jessica has extensive experience working clinically with children and families, and has particular interest and experience in psychometric testing for children and adolescents.

IQ and academic testing can provide important information about a child's cognitive strengths and weaknesses, academic needs, and preferred learning style. This can assist parents and children in making educational choices and implementing strategies to ensure that the child’s learning style is appropriately supported.

Specific reasons for testing include:
  • Learning difficulties or delays (e.g. difficulties with spelling, writing, maths and/or reading)
  • Giftedness
  • Underachievement
  • Emotional and/or behavioural problems presenting in the classroom and/or at home
  • Admission to special educational programs (e.g., enrichment, extension and acceleration programs)
  • Increasing understanding of a child’s learning style
  • Concerns regarding possible attentional difficulties

 Please note that although our therapists do offer other services for adult patients, psychometric testing is only available for children aged 6-16 years.

Clinical Psychologist

  • Jessica Taylor
    Clinical Psychologist

    B Sc Psych (Hons),
    M Psych (Clin)