Pregnancy & Postnatal Services

At Southside Clinical Psychology we offer caring, professional help for families in distress. The service is run by a team of Clinical Psychologists and Psychologists with a specialty interest in the assessment and treatment of psychological issues affecting families during pregnancy and after the birth of a baby.

We believe strongly in the value of early intervention and aim to respond promptly to all of our perinatal referrals. One of our experienced Clinical Psychologists or Psychologists will conduct a thorough assessment with the woman and, if appropriate, her family to determine the nature and origin of their current difficulties. An individualised treatment plan is then developed to meet the family’s specific needs and circumstances.

We provide specialised interventions for:

  • Depression and anxiety during pregnancy (antenatal depression) and after childbirth (postnatal depression)
  • Re-emergence of grief regarding past losses, such as a previous miscarriage or the loss of a parent
  • Couple relationship issues
  • Issues in the parent-infant relationship (eg bonding issues, intense anxieties about the baby’s well-being)
  • Difficult behaviours or emotional distress in older siblings
  • Broader family issues (e.g. difficulties in relationships with own parents or in-laws)
  • Perinatal grief and loss: Miscarriage, still-birth, loss of baby
  • Fertility issues; Decisions about pregnancy

Our Pregnancy & Postnatal Team