Group Therapy Programs

Cultivating Calm is a skills-based program for adults who wish to cultivate ongoing practices of relaxation and mindfulness meditation in their lives, and who wish to develop the capacity to respond to life with mindful choices and acceptance of life's limitations, rather than remain in habitual or reactive patterns. This includes cultivating the ability to endure unpleasant or difficult experiences and increase resiliency. A range of relaxation skills and mindfulness skills will be taught and practiced during the sessions. Additionally, a CD to assist with regular home practice is included in the group program.

The program addresses a range of needs and would suit any adult who would like to learn ways to relax their body, calm their mind, increase focus and concentration, increase mindful behavioural choices and actions in life, and increase kindness for self and others. If you have automatic thinking habits, such as worry mind ("what if..." thinking), negative thinking, strong self-criticism, or excessive "planning mind", if you can't "switch off", if your body carries your stress in the form of chronic muscle tension (stiff shoulders, tension headaches, etc.), if you find it hard to wind down, if you want to decrease reactive or impulsive behaviours, or if you need to practice accepting difficult experiences that cannot be changed, then this program will give you skills to help you do so.

The program is structured so that participants can independently use the skills once the group has completed.

A CD to assist with regular home practice is included in the group program. This CD was developed following numerous requests by group participants, but may be used by anybody for simple and effective short daily practices for those leading busy lives. Instructions for use are in the fold out front cover.